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Our Business Model

Original Design Manufacturer

The full name of ODM is original design manufacturer. It is a production method in which the purchaser entrusts the manufacturer to provide all services from research and development, design to production, and post-maintenance, and the purchaser is responsible for sales.



Wholesalers are commercial organizations that purchase products from manufacturers and then resell them to retailers, industrial users or various non-profit organizations, and do not directly serve individual consumers.


Global Brand License

The manufacturer grants a person or company the right to sell its products through a contract. Generally speaking, brand agents can get brand products at a lower discount, and then sell them at a uniform retail price.




Why Customers Love Cooker King


  Soooooo Nice and so high quality,Easy to clean, dishwasher safe and extremely durable non-stick coating!  
Don't run out of it.

—DongYang Sun




"In the past few years, I have been saying a lot of these things, Bial, please remember hey Laru, I will Baru Sardar, why did I never invest in Dini’s communication equipment kitchen? I think it is, use mahanan slowly and naturally. Even kitchen appliances are the key to a healthy life! Because there are many western-style cooking utensils on the market, they all contain PFOA and PFTE. 2 The content of kesehatan is very dangerous to our health, so please try to check our kitchen appliances, it is never too late to invest in vitality. ☺️"

— SinarSaura

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